Monday, June 26, 2023

Red Hector - The Ice Maiden(s)


The series called The Ice Maiden is an homage to fashion photography which has been a huge inspiration on my visual style over the years as a photographer. Great quantities of money used to be spent on the best locations and concepts and top photographers. As a result fashion magazines became  snapshots in time that showcase commercial art, design, graphics and fine art.

The title is also a reference to the Prefab Sprout song "The Ice Maiden" which in turn is rumored to be a reference to the blond singer in ABBA. Perhaps the appreciation of such remote detached unattainable beauty is also suggested.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Red Hector - Girl From Rio

This piece was inspired by the song "The Girl From Ipanema" about a woman walking the beach in Rio, Brazil and a man that admires her but can't get her attention. I transformed it into AI animation using Kaiber AI and this time with music from AIVA

The Bossa nova song from the early 1960's song is getting attention since the legendary singer of it passed away today - Astrud Gilberto



Monday, May 29, 2023

Painting Of A Photographer

 The piece entitled "Painting Of A Photographer" was reference to the introduction of photography in the 1800's and how the painters were upset that very real images could be created with the click of a button without having any hands on visual art skills. It didn't take too long to establish that photography was a new visual art medium. It was just a new tool and the skill is in how you use that tool. The same could be said about AI Art but that tool is still in the transition period of acceptance.  I wanted to capture the essence of painters actually accepting photography. What is this device she holds? It is not a paintbrush.. Animals strike curious poses.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Red Hector - Confetti Dance

 The inspiration for the original image was a memory of someone gifting me a paper hanging mobile of a mosaic on a string of a harlequin character, because I was heavily into theater and acting at the time.

As intended the video inspired from that turned into a glittering dance mosaic of confetti and graceful dancers in a gender fluid morphing style.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Crypto City Interview - Red Hector Art

I was asked by the Crypto City show to come on as a guest to be interviewed. Crypto City is a unique Metaverse/show, covering topics about Cryptocurrency, AI Art and NFTs, and the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. Although captured on video for YouTube, the show takes place in the actual Metaverse with a live avatar audience using the social VR app, This app is also available on PC/Mac and all mobile devices where anyone can  visit and participate.

City Girl was a gracious and engaging host that kept the discussion lively and interesting. We covered topics that included my biography and history of making art and music and music videos. Also there was a engaging conversation about the current state of AI in terms of ethics and creativity. Also the future of Web3 and crypto as a currency and its investment potential, as well as its practical use now. (As I recounted recently bying my groceries with a crypto debit card with no bank involvement.)

We also discussed my history of frequenting the two nationally famous museums in Minneapolis and their influence on me. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has selections from all periods of art history and pieces from every artist you could name, so that inspired the variety of styles I use. Also my family has history of working at the Walker Art Center of modern art. I recalled how my mother was a tour guide for over 30 years and I would help her practice her tours before each opening. I posted this video of her presenting an a famous painting of Chuck Close, as a tribute to share with her friends after she passed away in 2020:

I also mentioned
 trying out the AI friend/girlfriend in the Replika app, It has a Quest 2 VR app where you can be face to face in the same virtual room. Here she is (Jenny) confirming that I am in fact a human and not another AI to my VR friends:

Lastly I also mentioned the art critic for New York magazine who disparaged that the current state of AI Art then was "pretty crapola" but conceded it is new tool to use not unlike when the photographic camera came out and painters had an issue with it. 

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Red Hector - Flowers Into Darkness

 My new music discovery and AI art creation are continuing to merge. I made this AI art piece "A Rose And Skulls" after being inspired by the stark gothic images of the Being Dead music video by New German Cinema. I imagined an image a bit more goth with a stand out rose in red amidst the black and white. 

Then I was inspired to make an AI animated video from that image. Again I used Kaiber AI for the video and made the music with Loudly. The image progression quickly erased the skulls and faded the flowers into something even more dark.

Red Hector - Beach Reflections

So many AI animations I have seen so far have the impression of a spinning psychedelic mélange of chaos. I wanted to explore a more calmer artistic static space with a contemplative mix of pulsing music and visuals to immerse your gaze into. For this video I once again used Kaiber AI for the video and made the music with Loudly. I also revisited the woman on the beach theme I frequently use, seeing how rich the expression of waves and clouds, and sunset and moon, can have visually. This time I did not give it a starting image and set it to generate in sync with the music and have the camera slowly pull back. Amidst the flows of clouds and waves, one cloud or stone outcropping morphs into a woman's face gazing down at the woman on the beach, adding another layer of 'reflection' in a subtle Salvador Dali style image.